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Asociación Playa Grande Sostenible


APGS is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote a balance between rapid coastal development, human wellbeing and environmental conservation.

At APGS, we’re all about 1% Community Fund. It’s not just about donations; it’s a pledge to safeguard our town and beloved National Park. By chipping in a small 1% extra on your goods and services purchased from businesses that are 1% members, you’re directly funding safety measures, boosting local education, public community infrastructure and protecting our precious wildlife.
By supporting our 1% Community Fund, you’re not just giving back—you’re investing in a sustainable future. Join the movement, tell your story, and proudly display our logo to show your dedication. Together, we can uphold the beauty of Playa Grande and make a lasting impact on our environment and society.

Let’s make waves to protect our paradise, and ensure Playa Grande remains the gem that it is. Join us in preserving this beautiful haven for generations to come. 🌴💙


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