Marlin del Rey


Marlin del Rey: Where Adventure Meets Luxury on the Pacific Coast

In 2006, a bold decision changed the course of Costa Rica tourism. Greg Ruzicka, a true pioneer, acquired the majestic Marlin del Rey catamaran. What started as a blank canvas soon transformed into an extraordinary experience. With dirt roads and surf defining Tamarindo, the addition of the luxurious catamaran elevated the town’s allure.

Through dedication and perseverance, Marlin del Rey became the premier water tour in Guanacaste. Despite economic challenges, our commitment to excellence remained unwavering. As the US housing market crashed, we soared, delivering unforgettable adventures to travelers from around the globe.

Today, Marlin del Rey continues to push boundaries, offering daily tours that cater to private groups and individual adventurers seeking relaxation and thrills. Ready to embrace the risk and embark on an extraordinary journey?

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